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“'Jennifer' is an intelligent, thoughtful girl from Oklahoma City.  She runs away from home after her mother’s boyfriend begins to sexually abuse her. While wandering aimlessly in a mall, a handsome young man approaches her and offers his friendship, a safe place to sleep and some spending money – all things Jennifer desperately needs. Jennifer is happy to have a new friend who really seems to care about her, until they arrive at his apartment and the nightmare begins…

Once inside, the 'friend' sets an alarm system and locks Jennifer in the bedroom. Over the course of a week, she is held in isolated captivity and sexually assaulted by numerous men. Then one night she is ushered outside, locked in the trunk of a car, and driven to a truck stop several hours away. There, upon threat of her life, she is ordered to provide sex to any man who will pay for it.  Her days are now spent traveling from truck stop to truck stop where her nights are filled with unimaginable pain, humiliation, and despair.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s story is not unique. It is the story of hundreds of thousands of women and girls who are tricked or forced into the web of sex slavery. Each year, thousands of people are forced into the commercial sex industry – the vast majority of whom are women and girls. These women and girls are not faceless victims: they are someone’s daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends. Women like Jennifer are enslaved in communities throughout the world, including Marin County, and they need your help."               

- Soroptimist International


A primary goal of the Coalition is to raise awareness of human trafficking and engage the general public in efforts to combat this crime.  The Coalition offers access to training and resources that can be utilized to reduce demand, protect vulnerable youth, provide victims' services, and assist in the identification and reporting of suspicious situations to law enforcement and/or hotlines. 

Training : Contact for Presentations 

West Marin Advocacy  

Serves Marin County including San Geronimo Valley, Nicasio and Coastal Marin, providing assistance to sexual trafficking victims. Programs include court accompaniment, referrals to social service and legal service organizations, and expert training to nonprofit, governmental, and law enforcement agencies.

Soroptimist International of Marin County

Speaker-led presentation focusing on a 35 minute documentary on the trafficking of American girls within the US, taken from a forum held in San Rafael in 2014.   This film features investigative journalist, Julian Sher, and Erin Runnion of the Joyful Child Foundation who share insights on human trafficking. The film also features two survivors of trafficking telling their stories and encouraging action. Teen, adult.

League of Women Voters

20 – 30 minute PowerPoint presentation introducing the topic of human trafficking, including short video-clips from other sources, that can be tailored to a specific audience. Geared for teens and adults; should be followed with discussion time.

Center for Domestic Peace

30-minute program (speaker plus audio-visual) focusing on the intersection of domestic violence and sex trafficking. For adults and teens. Can be adapted for professionals working with survivors, for survivors/victims, and also for law enforcement.

Wisdom International: Help2Others

Community training presentations concentrate on prevention education against sex trafficking for middle and high school students, parents, school administration, school staff including coaches, to protect teens from recruitment by traffickers and their spotters.  We also have presentations on Internet Safety and recruitment via the internet. Training is appropriate for ages 12 to adult and is updated with the latest information consistently. We meet your time allotment, with presentations between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Longer time frames offer Q&A sessions on the issues that interest and concern you most.

We also offer tailor-made presentations for county government offices working with at-risk youth as well as pre-school and primary school education from three years of age.

Please send us your specifics via our Request Speaker form: