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    Resources for Immigrants - Know Your Rights in California

    Victim Compensation Program for victims of human trafficking in California
    (in Spanish and English) 

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    (USCIS) offers resources for victims of human trafficking and other crimes. Visa U, Visa T, VAWA 

    Posibles recursos migratorios
    (USCIS) ofrece recursos para las víctimas de trata de personas y otros crímenes. Visa U, Visa T, VAWA 


    Out Of The Shadows
    3 minutes

    The 'Blue Campaign' from the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] clip gives the official definition of human trafficking, tells us what the US is doing to detect, protect, investigate and bring justice through department-wide coordination and training, and by encouraging community members to become involved.

    Buyers Beware - Mobilizing to End Demand
    9 minutes

    Demand fuels the market for commercial sex.  The anti-trafficking organization, Shared Hope International, takes demand seriously. Working to change the atmosphere of 'tolerance' and 'entitlement' that allows demand to prosper, this video defines Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, clarifies the buyer's role in this crime and what would deter them.  Law enforcement offers experience and knowledge to fight demand.

    Brianna's Story
    (KGW News Channel 8)
    4 minutes

    Galvanized by what almost happened to her, 18-year old Brianna speaks to her local news station shortly after her rescue from a would-be sex trafficker.  Joined here by her parents, they explain how lack of knowledge about how traffickers work put Brianna at risk .  This video shows how it could happen to teens right here. Age 12+

    Chosen Trailer
    2 1/2 minutes or

    Chosen is the story of two girls caught in the lies of sex traffickers. Brianna's first contact was in the restaurant where she worked; Lacy was invited to a neighborhood party; both had been targeted for recruitment long before any contact was made.  Traffickers are experts at luring children into their nets through manipulation, isolation, false promises and fear.  Chosen also teaches how to prevent this from happening to you, your friends, your daughters, your sons.  The full length version is one of the best ways to protect and save children from trafficking. Age 12+

    Look Beneath The Surface
    13 minutes

    About human trafficking, internationally and throughout US. It describes recruitment techniques, physical and psychological manipulation, and features survivor stories. Information includes the Rescue and Restore program, and eligible benefits and services for survivors. It takes you inside the Polaris NHTRC hotline center showing this modern day 'underground railroad' fighting against modern day slavery. 

    International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
    International Labour Organization (ILO)
    3 minutes

    There are 21 million women, men and children laboring in slavery throughout the world today.  ILO calls for prevention, protection and access to justice to end human trafficking and its root causes. 

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