Law Enforcement

In the past, human trafficking was an underground crime very much like domestic violence used to be. It was crime hidden in plain site that nobody talked about. 

Today, the way we view human trafficking has changed.  Previously, law enforcement made the assumption that women who were arrested for prostitution chose that profession willingly.  Now, with education and increased sensitivity to the human trafficking issue, we realize those assumptions aren't always valid.

Law enforcement in Marin County has taken a proactive response to increase awareness by providing mandated training for law enforcement officials, and coordinating with regional resources to assist human trafficking victims.

Unlike Alameda County and San Francisco, Marin County does not have a law enforcement group focused full-time on human trafficking, said Marin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brad Kashack. However, during the past year, the county has begun collaborating with other agencies and has dedicated more resources to fighting the crime. “We have everyone here from different agencies that help out,” Kashack said. “It’s a collateral assignment to regular duty. We like to do it as much as we can.²⁰

The Marin County Police Chief's and Sheriff's Association have a county-wide protocol in place since 2015. They are working diligently to get all officers trained in recognizing human trafficking when it is occurring in local jurisdictions.

Click here to view the Marin Law Enforcement Protocol for Human Trafficking.

Marin County Law Enforcement and Partners

Belvedere Police – (415) 435-3266
California Highway Patrol – (415) 924-1100
Central Marin Police (Corte Madera, Larkspur, San Anselmo) – (415) 927-5150
Fairfax Police - (415) 453-5330
Jeannette Prandi Children’s Center – (415) 499-3750
Marin Sheriff’s Department – (415) 479-2311
Mill Valley Police – (415) 389-4100
Novato Police – (415) 897-4361
Ross Police - (415) 453-2727
San Rafael Police – (415) 485-3000
Sausalito Police (415) 289-4174
Tiburon Police – (415) 789-2800
FBI  (510) 808-2600

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