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Key Messages for Victims and Survivors

• You deserve to be safe. Our first priority is your safety.

• We will give you the services and assistance that you need.

• Abuse is not your fault.

• I believe you and I am sorry this has happened to you.

Below is a story of a survivor of human trafficking who accessed services with Center for Domestic Peace (situation and details have been changed in order to protect the victim).

"Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP) received a call on their 24-hour hotline regarding a survivor who had escaped a sex trafficking situation and was requesting shelter. She had been abused, isolated, and intimated by her boyfriend who had promised her a safe home together.  

However, soon after she moved in with him, she agreed to have sex for money for one week so that they could raise money for both of them. As time went on, this situation turned into her being held against her will for two months being repeatedly sexually assaulted by up to 10 men daily. In addition, she never saw a cent of what she was promised. 

She stayed at the shelter for 30 days where she received support, case management, counseling and safety planning.  C4DP also provided economic support, transportation, and a safe phone for her to use."


Human trafficking survivors are often in serious danger.  If  you are a victim, survivor, or family member of a victim, you are not alone. There are safe, confidential services available for survivors of Human Trafficking. 

Help In Marin

Several nonprofits aid victims of trafficking in Marin, including: 

Community Violence Solutions (CVS): a crisis intervention agency, providing victims of sexual or labor exploitation support, referral, and services in Contra Costa and Marin. Marin law enforcement, the FBI and social agencies often work with CVS, referring victims to the organization.  There are 2 locations in Marin: (800) 670-7273, (415) 259-2850

West Marin Advocacy: Serves Marin County including San Geronimo Valley, Nicasio and Coastal Marin, providing assistance to sexual trafficking victims. Programs include court accompaniment, referrals to social service and legal service organizations, and expert training to nonprofit, governmental, and law enforcement agencies.  (415) 230-9918

Center for Domestic Peace: provides holistic services to sex trafficking victims, including shelter, life skills, counseling, safety planning, legal services and more. (415) 924-6616

Services available for Marin County 


The following are 24-Hour Hotlines available 7 days/week.

Services offered are: information, police intervention, safety planning, counseling, shelter, support, crisis intervention, family reunification, repatriation, referrals for medical care, and prevention. 

Call 911 or Marin County Sheriff’s
(415) 663-1151

Child and Family Services
(415) 473-7153

West Marin Advocacy
(415) 230-9918

Community Violence Solutions
(800) 670-7273

Center for Domestic Peace
(415) 924-6616  English
(415) 924-3456 Spanish

Marin Suicide Prevention Crisis
(415) 499-1100

Marin Mental Health Crisis Unit
(415) 473-6666

National Services

National Human Trafficking Hotline
(888) 373-7888

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
(800) 843-5678

National Runaway Safeline
(800) 786-3939

Emergency Shelters in the Bay Area (24-hour hotlines)

For a safe emergency refuge, call the numbers below 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note: emergency shelters are not confidential.

Center for Domestic Peace (confidential shelter)
(415) 924-6616 English
(415) 924-3456 Spanish

Woman, Inc.
(415) 864-4722

Larkin Street Youth Center (SF)
(415) 673-0911

Children and Youth Services

Services include shelter, counseling, support, crisis intervention, therapy, information and prevention.

Child and Family Services
(415) 473-7153

Center for Domestic Peace/Marin Youth Services
(415) 526-2557

Huckleberry Youth Program
415) 258-4944

Legal Services

For legal assistance with Restraining Orders, guidance through the Criminal Justice System or Family Law, court accompaniment, and counseling, call: 

Family & Children’s Law Center
(415) 492-9230

Legal Aid of Marin
(415) 492-0230

Legal Self-Help Center of Marin
(415) 444-7130

Victim-Witness/ District Attorney
(415) 473-6450

Community Violence Solutions
(800) 670-7273

Center for Domestic Peace
(415) 924-6616English
(415) 924-3456Spanish


For immigrants who need assistance with a T Nonimmigrant Status (T-visa).  A T-visa is for those who are, or have been, victims of human trafficking.  It protects victims of human trafficking and allows them to remain in the United States and assist in an investigation or prosecution of human trafficking.  Call:

Canal Alliance
(415) 454-2640

Immigration Services (SF)
(415) 861-1449

Homeland Security/Victim Services
(415) 595-2450

Health and Mental Health

For medical, counseling and/or emotional support, call: 

ACCESS Line (counseling & referral)
(888) 818-1115

Marin Community Clinic
(415) 448-1500

Family Service Agency
(415) 491-5700

Huckleberry Youth Program
(415) 258-4944

Planned Parenthood
(415) 459-4907

Rotacare Clinic
(415) 482-6906

Food and Clothing

Food and Clothing are available for survivors at the following agencies:

Novato Human Needs Center
(415) 897-4147

Ritter Center
(415) 457-8182

St. Vincent De Paul
(415) 454-3303


For confidential and safe individual and group counseling for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, call:

Spectrum Community Services
(415) 472-1945

Community United Against Violence (SF)
(415) 333-4357

Trevor Project
(866) 488-7386

Alcohol and Drug Services

Treatment options for individuals or families dealing with substance abuse. 

Alanon and Alateen

Alcoholics Anonymous
(415) 499-0400

Center Point
(415) 456-6655 ext.10

Marin Treatment Center
(415) 457-3755

Bay Area Community Resources
(415) 444-5580