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Trafficking PSA & Rally in Sacramento

If you are concerned about sex trafficking and the use and abuse of, there is an important rally tomorrow:

The CEO of is trying to have his charges dismissed at a hearing tomorrow in Sacramento. He is being prosecuted for supporting illegal sex trafficking (including selling underage girls for sex) and financially benefitting from these illegal transactions taking place on Backpage.

Organizers hope with a BIG turnout of people to protest, we can prevent charges from being dropped. If charges are dropped, other states may not pursue prosecution in their states either.

From Event Organizers:
When: Wednesday, November 16
Time: 12:30pm
Where: Sacramento County Courthouse
Superior Court, 720 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

***Meet in front of the courthouse – hearing is at 1:30 pm
***Wear red shirts so you are visible (or wear the colors of your own organization)

Backstory: is n online site here they sell girls online, (ou can see for yoursel).

Kamila Harris (Attorney General of California and Senator-Elect from California) arrested the CEO for trafficking in underage girls for the lack of oversight and his financial gain from Backpage activities.

Shared Hope International, a nonprofit agency, will provide posters.
Kristina Kavanau is their boots-on-the-ground contact and, by permission, her phone is 510-734-0642. She will have the posters and handout materials.

Or bring your own poster with CLEAR MESSAGE:
Bodies are NOT Commodities – STOP
STOP the SALE of our CHILDREN on sells 7th graders for sex

If you can indeed attend, please contact Jo Lembo / National Growth Strategy Outreach Manager / Office: 360-830-6095